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How Did You Compile These Statistics? How Accurate Are They?

The numbers and dates we give in our site are just estimates which derive from medical statistics according to "Inferential statistics" method in Science of Statistics. All stats and dates we gave in our website, depends on valid medical statistics and they are accurate. However they are just statistical averages and does not apply to everybody or every birth.

For instance according scientific records expected & average pregnancy duration is 280 days in human beings but only 5% of babies born in the exact 280th day.

So it is normal that some dates produced by our site for your birthday might not 100% match for your birth but they are still accurate and will apply to most of the people who borned in this very date.

However since it is just an rough estimation which depends on medical statistics and averages, it shouldn't be taken too seriously or considered accurate. This is not a medical site anyway, this is a humour site.

You gave me date X for a certain event but my parents tell it is not true!

Well, please read above!

The dates given to you about your birth is an average which depends on medical statistics but it will not apply to everybody and every birth. It will apply to most people who has borned in this date but maybe not you.

Why Did You Build This Site?

We built and run web sites, it is our job. Most of our sites were more formal and professionally designed and we wanted to make a change and have some "fun site" too. One of our fun site was "" and since people liked it we decided to build too.

So we built some serious database results from medical records, mold them with science of mathematics and statistics and then served them here in an amusing and interesting way. So this site is a fun site to enjoy, that's it. We tried to built the statistics in a serious manner but site itself is not formal or serious at all so don't take it too seriously, nor quote in your doctorate dissertation or something! :)

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